Happy Story Starts with Making Tape

(Picture source from mt)

What is mt?

Making tape was originally used in construction sites and

vehicle paint shops  for curing and to avoid articles from

being painted. Recently, a new way of using mt tapes was

invented by mt fans and now the use varies from wrapping,

interior and to collage as “mt does not leave any stain after

peeling off”, “variety of cute colors”,”just the right degree

of transparency of rice paper” and “loveliness of materials.”

The demands of masking tape fans made possible the debut of

“mt” in 20 different “light” and “elegant” colors as stationery

goods, not for the construction or car manufacturing

industry. The characteristics of rice paper are fully utilized.

You can write letters on the tape, use it to seal envelops,

use it post recipes on the refrigerator. There are many more

different ways of use it depending on your ideas.

We hope you enjoy using a variety of colors and materials

which differ from the one used for construction and

car manufacturing industries.


(Source: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4xBxT2rXfJbjSXY-M1mOsA)

Wedding Card

I made this wedding card for my friend who is going to get married.

So I’d like to make a special for her. And It did not take too long time.

Just prepare the material , and take the three steps.

Red paper card , Floral hair pin, Wrapping paper  , Gold ribbon

Step 1: Cutting  paper card & wrapping paper , larger than  floral hair pin.

Step2: Use floral hair pin to clip the red paper card.

Step3: Wrapping the card and tie a knot.

Anyone can make a card without skill and do it easily.

Make your friends or family special.

How delightful if you receive a gift is made by someone.

If she or he is special to you, just give them a different and unforgetful gift.