Fabric-Covered Journals

Use remnants of vintage fabric to cover handmade journals.

(Edina Van Der Wyck)

Instructions: Fabric-Covered Journals

To create these linen-covered journals, you will need a hardcover journal or notebook, preshrunk linen, needle and thread, and a length of 3/4-inch ribbon long enough to go all the way around the journal plus 12 inches extra.

1. Lay the open, flat journal on the fabric, allowing 1/2 inch all around for hems and about 3 inches at each side for the pocket flaps. Center the journal on the fabric and mark where the top and bottom of the covers start and finish, from end to end.

2. Cut a 1/2-inch vertical slit at each point, fold the fabric twice, and hem.

3. Make a double hem along each end of the cover. Neatly hem all around the fabric, mitering the corners.

4. Place the fabric right side up with the journal on top of it, fold over the flaps, and pin them in position. Remove the journal and sew the top and bottom of the flaps securely.

5. Turn the cover right side out and fit it on the journal. Cut a length of ribbon, fold it in half lengthwise to mark the center, and stitch it securely to the center of the spine to bind book.

(This article is from http://www.countryliving.com)

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Wedding Card

I made this wedding card for my friend who is going to get married.

So I’d like to make a special for her. And It did not take too long time.

Just prepare the material , and take the three steps.

Red paper card , Floral hair pin, Wrapping paper  , Gold ribbon

Step 1: Cutting  paper card & wrapping paper , larger than  floral hair pin.

Step2: Use floral hair pin to clip the red paper card.

Step3: Wrapping the card and tie a knot.

Anyone can make a card without skill and do it easily.

Make your friends or family special.

How delightful if you receive a gift is made by someone.

If she or he is special to you, just give them a different and unforgetful gift.