[Trade Show]-2013 Taipei Giftionery

The 2013 Taipei Giftionery is not only the most prominent gift and stationery trade platform, but also offers a peek into the new black of the industry. This year, 4 exceptional focal points are going to open your eyes and sweep you off your feet.

Oil Tung blossom series

Oil Tung blossom series

For starters, oriental aesthetic has always been a great inspiration to gift suppliers. It is safe to say that the spirit of Taiwan fully reflects the simple but sophisticated nature of oriental aesthetic. Cheerful Fashion Goods’ Clavier Hakka collection holds items from the Oil Tung blossom series, NEOPRENE series and the floral emblem series. These high quality items incorporate Taiwan elements and graphic art. To mention a few, the yummy Taiwan food matte, and the (Taiwan bird) T-shirt bags are both fascinating products with a pitch of nostalgia.

High tech gifts that cater to the more practical side of gift giving are now also pretty and artsy. MAGI WAY presents the Saturn products for Tablet PC and mobile phones. Made of beech wood, the holder is considered elegant and heart warming. XUAN design offers wooden mobile phone cases. Engraved with intricate laser print, the graceful case is both a treat to the eyes and the nose.

Recent years, Taiwan has gained recognition and appreciation through international designing awards. Taiwanese companies gradually switches from MIT (Made in Taiwan) to DIT (Designed in Taiwan). Many gift suppliers dedicate themselves to developing their own brands. For example, SOLIS proudly presents backpacks using Taiwan manufactured eco fabric (Polyester made from recycled PET bottles). Tone 40 sells Taiwan designed furniture and home accessories. Of which the cool collecting box and pen holder collections are highly popular.

At the end of the day, eco friendly gifts are still the all time favorite. Ecobook uses recycled paper. This Taiwan designed notebook is both eco friendly and fashionable. It allows A 4 sheets that are only printed on one side to become a part of our life again. Salute to Mother Earth!

Besides the 4 focal points, the nearly 700 booths total also reaches record high. Many foreign countries, including Bhutan, Nepal, and Indonesia, are all setting up country pavilions, adding to the attraction. The Cross Strait Exhibition Area also plans to make an appearance for the fifth year in a role. That would sure turn some heads this year.

source: cloud.taiwantradeshows.com.tw

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[Storage]-Storage – Increase Your Space

Consider the important difference between storage and clutter. Storage is neat, tidy, clean and accessible. Items being stored should be classified as being valuable, useful or treasured.
If you don’t love something, or need it, then it has to be re-defined as clutter. Clutter includes the things which you are not using; the unwanted gifts you feel obliged to display, useful objects which have not got a specific home and are in the wrong place. All your storage places, such as overflowing wardrobes and overstuffed attics, are having an effect on you. Every time you open a door and see the chaos on the shelves behind it, you are being affected. The more you have, the more it begins to drag you down so that it feels as if you are actually carrying around the weight of everything you own.

Storage that’s attractive and inventive is the key to clutter-free living. Choose solutions that complement your belongings and the way you use them. With thoughtful organization, it can also bring efficiency and style to everyday life. Using a variety of furniture, repurposed pieces, boxes, and baskets, you can easily design a system that’s as attractive as it is helpful.

  • Before you decide what to put things in, you must decide what to save.
  • Embrace spring cleaning, storage is first a editing process, so make sure that the things you have are actually being put to use or are personally meaningful to you.
  • Just make sure that you only surround yourself with the things you really love and try to exercise some restraint from time to time by adopting the principle that less is more.
  • Finding the right place for everything becomes much easier when you have less to keep track of.
  • Consider how things will fit, where you’ll want to find them, and how to fashion storage that caters to the items and your decor.
  • Make storage your ally in helping you find things when you need them.
  • Find opportunities throughout the room to integrate storage at every level: up high on shelves, in cabinets or armoires, down low along the floor, under the coffee table, or nested in side tables.
  • Keep your own habits in mind when you choose storage solutions and combine beauty with reality.
  • Smaller spaces demand resourceful storage solutions. A solid wall of shelving does more than function as smart storage; it becomes a graphic backdrop to the entire room.

    storage drawer

    storage drawer

Storage boxes & baskets – organization with style

Storage boxes and baskets are a great way to give all sorts of things a home of their own, so they don’t take over yours. Imagine what you could do with some of our stylish paper and media storage boxes. For example, you could bring order to your bills and receipts or find your favorite DVD in less time than it takes to pop the popcorn to eat while watching it. Here you’ll find a great mix of all styles of storage boxes and baskets to use all over your home. From see-through plastic storage boxes for your winter clothes to handwoven baskets to keep your tealights handy, we’ve got them all.

Storage boxes & baskets to get more from your storage

Storage boxes and baskets help you make the most of your storage furniture. A few boxes where you can keep similar things together will soon bring order to any shelf or drawer in your home. Check out our open-top clothes boxes that make hunting for the right pair in your sock drawer a thing of the past. Or straighten up your bookcase with a nice, colorful box to hold that pile of old photos you’re planning to sort out someday. A lot of our baskets and storage boxes are sized to fit perfectly into our different storage furniture series so no space goes to waste. Check the product information for details of which goes with which.

source: http://www.decoration.com/decorating-tips/storage/index.html