[Craft]-Fun Craft Projects for Mother’s Day

Dress Up a Plain Hat with Raffia Flowers

flower hat

flower hat

Boost even the most basic topper with a row of raffia flowers. Here’s how to make each blossom, in three steps:

Step 1: Cut a piece of cardboard that’s approximately four inches long and one inch wide. Cut a length of raffia to approximately six feet. Tightly wrap the raffia around the cardboard lengthwise.

Step 2: Carefully slide the wrapped raffia bundle off the cardboard, then tie a two-inch length of raffia around the bundle’s middle. Snip through the looped raffia at both ends. Repeat three more times to create four bundles.

Step 3: Stack the bundles atop one another as shown, then tie the entire stack together in the middle with a three-inch-length of raffia. Fan the bundles to make the flower appear full. Repeat as desired, making enough flowers to encircle your hat’s brim.

To attach the blooms to one another, and your hat, cut another length of raffia to approximately four feet. Slide the raffia through the center knot of each flower. Push the flowers together, then tie the raffia around your hat’s brim and trim any excess raffia — to fashion a bonnet in full bloom.

source: CountryLiving.com

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[Decoration]-Vases & Vessels



Vases are like rooms within themselves; they are what houses the flower or object. If you think of vase in this way, it frees up the mind to come up with new, creative ways of furnishing it. It is not necessary to fill vessels and vases with fresh flowers and greenery. You can fill a vase with white sand and coral or with nothing more than a coil of natural rope, it not only looks fabulous, but is ideal in less-used areas of the home, such as a guest suite or in a vacation home where it would be impractical to maintain fresh flowers.

Vases of colored glass are beautiful in their own right and need nothing in them. Glass of different hues is the perfect way of introducing small amounts of color into an otherwise neutral room, they give an interesting contrast.

When you find vases you love for their own sake, rarely fill them with flowers but leave them empty. Wonderful hand blown glass vessels, for example, have such a beautiful organic shape in their own right they need nothing else added. You have to make a simple choice as to where you want the eye to fall: on the flowers or on the vase. Vessels come in many different textures, making them perfect for introducing textural contrast.

The rule of thumb you can use when choosing flowers for your interiors is either to buy a lot or a little, and this naturally influences the choice of a vase. You need something large for dramatic flowers with star quality and long stems, but you also need containers on a much more modest scale. If you find a good shape-such as a clear box, globe bowl, test-tube vase or tall cylinder-then buy them in quantity. One rose bud in a test-tube will go unnoticed, but a row of ten becomes a striking installation piece.

Source: decoration.com/accessories/vases-vessels

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