[Handmade]-DIY 3D Christmas Ornament

DIY Ornament

DIY Ornament

If you’re tired of the boring same old template of a snowflake people and designers alike have been feeding us all these years, try to make this 3D felt ornament model instead. It will bring an art ambiance and contemporary feeling to your homestead. The curves and the Ogee shape will definitely awe people that expect the classical dull representation of a snowflake when you tell them you decorated your home with some felt models. Its beauty is only surpassed by its simplicity, making it one of the most ingenious decorations you will make this Christmas. From a piece of 3mm thick 100% wool felt, with a chalk liner pen and a cut knife, you will make your very own felt ogee snowflake. Here is what you need to do.

Firstly, cut your piece of felt into a 6×6 inch square and mark lines 3/4 inches apart, parallel to the perimeter and one line from corner to corner, diagonally across the square. Cut along the first line from the corner to about 1/4 inches from the diagonal line; you could use a straight edge to make the cut steadier. Be careful the felt doesn’t creep while cutting. You can do this by making 2-3 passes with the blade on the lines you cut. Repeat the process on all cuts. Make sure you keep the felt intact at each corner on the diagonal line! Brush away the chalk lines which might have remained on the felt.

Then, hand stitch with matching thread the ends of the lifted corners of the center square. Don’t let the thread hanging; cut it and hide the knot between the layers. Afterward, you will need to lift the corners of the second square, but only after you turned the piece over! Repeat the previous technique and stitch together at each point. Continue to turn the piece over; overlap points and stitch. Don’t stop until all 4 squares are stitched.

You finish the ornament by creating a hanging loop at one end with a thread. Feel free to decorate with a few felt balls. The 10 inch length snowflake can now be placed in the kitchen or in the living room so people coming in will be amazed by this wonderful Christmas DIY art decoration.

Source: www.goodshomedesign.com

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