[Trade Show]-Living Variety—Green and LOHAS Is The Way

A dazzling array of houseware and home living products are ready to take over the household! From cups to lamps, great pickings of all sizes crowd this exhibit area.

bathroom accessories

bathroom accessories

For starters, confronting the threat of ozone depletion and climate change, general manager Yeh of Simpla Bio Tech leads the research in developing non-toxic, healthy and eco-friendly products. The 100% biodegradable PLA kitchen and home living items are corn based and uncompromising.

Talking about safe and relaxing dining experiences, Layana is without doubt the go-to Company. Approved by ISO 9001, SGS and TUV standards, all lines of food containers are sturdy and machine washable. By consensus, the most popular utensil series goes to the 12 zodiac animal signs spoon collection. These purely Taiwan style soup spoons uses 18/8 stainless steel. Ancient Chinese characters for each animal are engraved onto individual spoons, adding sophistication and grace—a guaranteed choice as a gift or for personal use. This year, as it is the year of the snake, Layana launches the golden snake antique chopsticks and spoon set as a compliment tradition.

When it comes to eco friendly ways, reusable shopping bags has always been a preferred substitute for one-time plastic bags. Perennial Cuts & Sew International offers OEM and EDM machine sewed bags. PVC bags, pencil bags, make up kit container, weaved bags—take your pick! They are trendy, waterproof and easy to carry.

Established in 1961, Sun Yang Glass focuses on glassware. The seemingly ordinary glasses are essential to every household. With the right touch, even water glasses, wine glasses, or dessert glasses can make your day. Through molding, printing, coloring and other manufacturing processes, Sun Yang turns simple glass into brilliant design.

Home living items are all about practicality, as the Wonson Taiwan thermal lid will testify. The quality aluminum construction keeps food steamy and fresh, allowing mothers to put on a whole table of warm food for the family. Not just a pretty face! The gorgeous item really adds splendor and flavor to the dining table.

source: cloud.taiwantradeshows.com.tw

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