Fun, whimsical, functional art furniture.

Custom furniture in the likeness of famous people.

Fun, whimsical, functional art furniture. Custom, free-standing wood cabinets as life-size caricatures of famous people. Check out the galleries. Most of the art cabinets you see were commissions from people who had a special person they admired.


Paul Carbo was born February 10, 1955 in Baltimore, Maryland. He grew up one of eight children and went to school through college in the Baltimore area. After school, he worked in a commercial art studio before getting a job as a graphic artist/ illustrator at the Baltimore News American in 1979. in 1983, he moved out west to take a job at the Reno Gazette Journal, then onto the Orange County Register in Southern California in 1987 and Los Angeles Times from 1998 to 2000. The turning point in Paul’s life, as an artist, was when his father passed away. At that juncture, Paul decided to move back to Maryland, say good bye to the graphic art biz and start a new career working with his hands instead in front of a computer. His work gained immediate acceptance for its uniqueness, creativity and whimsy. The fact that all his pieces are functional furniture satisfied pragmatists as well. He and his wife, Nancy now live on a 154 acre farm in the hills of West Virginia where they tend to their horses, highlander cattle, sheep and a pig named Ghoulie. On the property is a well equipped studio/woodshop which serves as the birthing center for the wood people sculptures he so cleverly creates.

(Source: Carbo Creations )

captain_ahab_thumbpavarotti_thumb    abraham_lincoln_thumb

(Captain Ahab & Luciano Pavarotti & Abraham Lincoln )