Easy Paper Craft Projects

Sow a New Tradition Sharing your garden bounty can mean more than handing out juicy tomatoes. Why not also pass along homegrown vegetable seeds? Learn how to harvest them at seedsave.org—then package those future plans in our sweet little DIY … Continue reading

[Decoration]-Decorating with House Plants

The real value of house plants lies in their use as decorations for the home. House plants automatically create a sense of coziness and put people at ease. Properly used, they can make large spaces look intimate and magnify small … Continue reading

[Decoration]-Decorative Hair Comb Hairstyle How To

Decorative hair combs can be crafted out of a vast number of materials ranging from natural materials such as wood and stone to ivory and real tortoiseshell. As concern for the animals was raised, some materials were outlawed. When tortoiseshell … Continue reading

[Decoration]-Nail Art for Beginners

Nail designs are fun and fashionable ways to show off your favorite things and style without going crazy with your wardrobe. Although many people find nail art appealing, they often fear they lack the ability to create their own nail … Continue reading

[Decoration]-Creative Ways to Decorate Bedroom Light Switch Covers

Light switch covers are typically made of plastic, metal or wood. Some are made of cast resin, but they are not usually very unique. It is possible to decorate plain plastic or wooden outlet coverings using creative and colorful options. … Continue reading

Around The World Valentine’s Day Celebrations

United States In the United States and Canada, Valentine’s Day is an extremely popular festival. Here, the day is observed as a holiday. Originally held to honor St Valentine and express love to sweethearts, the scope of the day has … Continue reading

Selecting Fabrics for Decoration

Fabrics Selecting Fabrics for Decoration When choosing a fabric (also know as textiles) for decorating purposes, one of the first things to consider is its suitability. You may need to choose fabrics for furniture upholstery, wall treatments, beds linens, window … Continue reading